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Ohio Continuing Higher Education Association (OCHEA) is comprised of not-for-profit education institutions in Ohio dedicated to workforce development and lifelong learning through continuing education (credit and noncredit). Member institutions consist of public universities, regional branch campuses, private colleges and universities, community colleges, and adult workforce career centers. In addition, OCHEA has a number of Affiliates which are comprised of public agencies and organizations interested in continuing education and workforce development.

OCHEA contributes to individual, community, workforce, and continuing education by:

  • Promoting the development of continuing education as a professional field
  • Providing its members with opportunities for professional development
  • Promoting research and scholarship in continuing education
  • Enhancing coordination, cooperation, and collaboration among member institutions
  • Maintaining liaison with other agencies and organizations
  • Providing leadership on issues that affect continuing higher education and workforce development in the State

OCHEA enjoys a varied membership. Following are some of the positions our members hold:

  • Deans and Directors of Continuing Education
  • Seminar and Conference Directors in Professional Disciplines
  • Non-Credit Program Directors/Coordinators
  • Credit Program Directors/Coordinators
  • Weekend College Administrators
  • Summer Sessions Directors
  • Coordinators of Adult/Non-Traditional Programs
  • Conference Directors/Coordinators
  • Continuing Education Faculty
  • Off-Campus Program Directors/Coordinators
  • Adult Education Directors and Managers
  • Adult Education Instructors