The Association began its eighth year on April 21, 1991. At die conclusion of the 1991 Summer Conference in July 1991, the Association changed its Officers with Judy Fritsch Hirschman (Kent State University), President; Danny Evans (Shawnee State University), President-Elect; Muriel Ballou (Ohio University), Secretary; and Robert Joyce (Heidelberg College), Treasurer. Others serving on the Executive Board included Nora Kegley (Kent State University), Vice President for Public Colleges and Universities; Kathleen Weber (Miami University-Hamilton), Vice President for Regional and Branch Campuses; Mary Kay Meyer (College of Mt. St. Joseph), Vice President for Private Colleges and Universities; and Richard Brown (Cincinnati Technical College), Vice President for Technical and Community Colleges. Nora Kegley left Kent State in January and Margaret Katzen from The University of Toledo was selected by the Executive Board to replace her as Vice President for Public Colleges and Universities. Rhonda Benedict departed from Ohio State University in June and Mary Lou Harris (Ohio University) replaced her as SIG Chain Rita Inman (Findlay University) replaced Margaret Katzen (University of Toledo) as Site Selection Chair. The Association’s standing committees were reviewed and for the year the Finance Committee, the Organization Development Committee, the Membership Committee and the Research and Data Collection Committee were temporarily suspended. The remaining standing committees functioned in accord with the Bylaws: Awards and Honors (John R. Loch, Chair); Communications (Eloise Lafferty, Chair); Community and Governmental Relations (Jay McCreary, Chair); Winter Conference (Terry Calaway and Henry Trenkelbach, Co-Chair); Summer Conference (Marilyn Bokrass, Chair); Constitution and ByLaws (Allan Swanson, Chair); Nominations and Election (Jan Peterson, Chair); Site Selection (Margaret Katzen, Chair). The Executive Board appointed Lori Gourley (Kent State University) to serve as Membership Coordinator and Rhonda Benedict (The Ohio State University) to serve as, the Special Interest Group Coordinator. At the conclusion of the Summer Conference 1990, the Executive Board met to establish goals for the 1990-1991 Association year. The goals included re-establishment of linkages with OBR; operationalization of special interest group (SIGS); review of quality standards and issues; utilization of DACUM analysis to develop a multi-tier conference; and encouragement of interassociation linkages. Executive Board meetings were conducted on September 12, 1990, November 14, 1990; January 17, 1991 and April 24, 1991 at Mount Hall on The Ohio State University campus. The Board also met October I I at the University Parke Hotel in Columbus, March 6 at the Great Southern Hotel in Columbus and May 15, 1991 at the Sheraton Suites in Cuyahoga Falls.

The fourth Fall Leadership Conference was held on October 12, 1990 at the University Park Hotel. Janina C. Latack, Ph.D., The Ohio State University, discussed “New Strategies for Teaching and Mentoring.” Each committee met and finalized its budget for the year. The total attendance was 42.

The Winter Conference was held March 7 and 8, 1991 at the Great Southern Hotel in Columbus with the theme, “Effective Partnerships in Education.” Dr. Clive Veri, President of Shawnee State University and Richard Walsh, consultant, were the keynote presenters. The total registration for the conference was 73.

Ile Summer Conference was held at the Sheraton Suites in Cuyahoga Falls in July 17-19, 1991 with 79 full conference attendees and 20 one day conference attendees. The Summer Conference contributed $4478.79 to the Association after all expenses were paid. Dr. Carol Cartwright, President of Kent State University and Dr. Ann H. Moore, Vice-Chancellor of O.B.R. presented keynote speeches with the theme “Creating A New Culture in Higher Education.”

Noteworthy activities during the year included the purchase of a certificate of deposit to maximize interest earnings for the Association (me purchase is to be reviewed annually and generated $500 interest the first year); the start of the revision of State Requirements for occupational and Professional Licensing and new the Voluntary Professional Credentialing Programs constitutional revisions to condense the document and provide future boards with greater flexibility; and Special Interest Group sessions incorporated in the Summer and Winter Conference as breakfast sessions. Also, OCHEA reviewed and reaffirmed the Quality Standards for non-credit programs and presented the Special Achievement Award to Leon Albert at the Winter Conference and to Zoe Bechtol at the Summer Conference. The OLLO Award was conferred on Lewis Yeager at the Winter Conference. Program Innovation Awards were presented to Miami University and Sinclair Community College for their “Automotive Industry Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” and to Ohio University Lancaster for the “QUBIC;” sponsored Adult and Continuing Education Week in Ohio from March 17-22, 1991; established a contract with Ohio University to finalize Ile OCHEA Archives during Summer 1991 (A graduate assistant will be paid by OCHEA at a cost of no more than $2,000. The OCHEA Historian will update the archives annually); received a request from the Ohio Board of Regents to gather information on non-credit education and met with representative Linda Ogden to discuss possible joint projects (i.e. Continuing Education statistical information, adult/part-time student information. The Executive Committee and Research and Data Collection Committee will review options and will continue discussions with OBOR;

John R. Loch was appointed as OCHEA’s Statutory Agent for Ohio incorporation.

Membership in 1990-1991 totaled 175 with 64 institutional members, 110 associate members and one affiliate member.