Membership Payments

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Membership Payment


Categories of Membership:

Institutional Member: $150
Applications for Institutional membership are accepted from not-for-profit, Ohio higher education institutions engaged in continuing education, which shall be defined as public universities, regional branch campuses, private colleges and universities, community colleges. In addition, adult workforce career centers are also eligible for institutional membership. Institutional membership entitles the institution to designate one (1) official representative as a point of contact with the association. The representative will be eligible to hold office in the Association and to vote. All additional memberships for continuing education professionals are as associate members.

Application for membership must be endorsed by the chief administrative officer of the college, university or branch campus and shall be accompanied by the annual institutional dues

Associate Member: $35
Applications for Associate membership are only accepted from Continuing Education professionals and other persons with continuing education program responsibilities who are employed by Institutional members of the Association, as well as from graduate students from member institutions who are enrolled in an Adult/Higher Education program or affiliated with a Continuing Education Department. Membership entitles the individual to hold office in the association and to vote.

Individual Member: $55
Individual membership is for continuing education professionals or graduate students in Adult/Higher Education who want to belong to OCHEA but don’t have an institutional membership.

Affiliate Member: $50
Applications for Affiliate membership are accepted from non-profit or public agencies/departments or higher education related associations and organizations, which have an interest in or current activities in continuing education. Membership entitles the individual to serve on committees and vote in committee meetings.