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Our membership includes professionals from:

  • Community Colleges
  • Public Universities
  • Non-Profit Private Colleges and/or Universities
  • Adult Career Centers
  • Affiliates

There are five types of membership available:

Institutional: ($150) Institutional member is the designated representative of the accredited non-profit, degree-granting Ohio institutions of higher education engaged in continuing education and workforce development which are defined as public universities, regional branch campuses, private colleges and universities, community colleges, and adult workforce career centers are also eligible for institutional membership. Institutional membership includes the institutional representative and 3 associate members.

Associate: ($35) Additional representatives from institutions who already hold a membership. Representatives must be continuing education professionals, workforce development professionals, or graduate students in Adult/Higher Education.

Individual: ($55) Individual membership is for continuing education and/or workforce development professionals or graduate students in Adult/Higher Education who want to belong to OCHEA but don’t have an institutional membership.

Affiliate: ($50) Professionals from non-profit or public agencies, departments, associations, and organizations with an interest or current activities in continuing higher education and workforce development.

Emeriti: ($0) Applications for Emeriti membership are accepted from retired individuals who at the time of their retirement met the criteria for either an associate/individual membership or an affiliate membership. Current members may also create an application on behalf of retired individuals.

For more information contact Amy Mast.

Participating Institutions and or Affiliates